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The Journal publishes papers of high quality in any area of biology and biological sciences such as Zoology, Botany, Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Agronomy, Anatomy, Behavior, Biochemistry, Biodiversity, Biomedical Sciences, Biometry, Biosciences, Cell Biology, Clinical Sciences, Conservation & Management of Ecosystems, Crop Sciences, Species Development & Differentiation, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Economics, Environmental and Evolutionary biology, Fisheries and Aqua Sciences, Food and Nutrition Sciences, Forestry, Genetics, Horticultural Sciences, Human Biology, Hydrobiology, Immunology, Industrial Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Morphology, Pathology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Physiology, Plant Breeding, Soil Sciences, Special Cultivation Technology, Stress Breeding, Taxonomy and Veterinary Sciences, Wildlife and other all the branches and sub-branches related with biological studies and research


The main objectives of the journal are to disseminate new multidimensional knowledge in biological sciences for the benefit of everyone ranging from students to academic and professional researchers and industries. The focus of the IJBSR is to develop a platform for biosciences in order to realize new concepts and advancements for research communities and finally bridging the gap between lab theories and their area of applications. Journal welcomes the new ideas and concepts of interdisciplinary aspects in biological sciences. Journal is biannual in periodicity and its issues will be published in June and Dec.